How To Prepare for the New MMPR Program

As of April 1st 2014 the medical marijuana program in Canada will entirely change.  Health Canada will no longer provide medical cannabis to patients who are prescribed marijuana under the new MMPR program.  On April 1st the previous MMAR Program will be repealed and Authorizations to Possess (ATPs), Personal-Use Production Licences (PUPLs) and Designated-Person Production Licences (DPPLs) will no longer be valid.  Any possession of  cannabis grown from personal or designated production will be illegal.

What does this mean for these patients?  According to Health Canada, they will need to ‘destroy’ their cannabis before that date.  Those who don’t comply can expect to have their local law enforcement notified of the illegal activity.   Patients will need to have prescriptions signed by a physician who recommends cannabis to treat a medical condition.  The prescription is then used to register with a Licensed Producer who will provide the patient with cannabis up to their allowed weight limit.  Licensed Producers are being approved by Health Canada and as of the date of this writing there are 13 approved Licensed Producers.

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